Youth Spotlight April 2017

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My mission through my art is to lift my wings; sore, so I can inspire others to do the same. 

Marcus Styles is more than a creative; he’s living proof that your dreams can never be too BIG, that age is nothing but a number and if you really want something in life, you must boldly grab it by the horns. 

We had the honor of speaking with the passionate and hard working Creative about his inspirations, hopes and dreams for a better future (for all!)

But, don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself. He’s got talent (and style, obviously.) 

RLR: What inspires you?

MS: As weird as this may sound, I’m inspired by everything. I’m a dancer, actor, music fashion and art enthusiast, graphic designer, fashion designer, and so more often than not,  I’m inspired just by walking on the sidewalk, the way a tree stretch’s its branches, or even by traffic.

My mind is constantly creating something crazy and when I get in these creative modes FKA Twigs,Willow Smith, Banks, Beyonce, Sampha, Frank Ocean, and VV Brown are my top artist who get my creative juices flowing.


“Music is  my creative drive, it inspires me through every project.”



RLR: What is your favorite kind of creative outlet and why?

MS: Thats a hard question because I truly love Graphic Design but If I had to choose something i’ve done it would be dance because I love the feeling of being on stage but if i had to choose something I haven’t done I would choose videos.

I’ve always been a fan of music videos, fashion ad campaigns, movies, and things alike! I feel it’s the one medium I can use all my different talents in one place (styling/fashion design, graphic design, creative direction, choreography, etc.)


“Success is making your dreams a reality.”


RLR: How do you define success?


A great friend of mine, Kara King, once told me “Preparation plus opportunity equals success”

I’ve lived by this quote over the past year to help inspire and empower me as a young artist.

You can’t expect to get an opportunity without preparation. Through research & through knowledge you gain opportunity. Success is nothing more than opportunity and preparation. You must be prepared for the unexpected things in life. I define success through your next moves and how you executing it.

Success is making your dreams a reality.

Success is nothing more than understand being prepared. You must be prepared for the unexpected things in life. I define success through your next move and executing it.

RLR: How important is your voice as an artist to express yourself?

MS: My voice is important.  We are all brothers and sisters. Walking the streets together, wearing boyfriend jeans together, creating together. We fight, we dislike one another but what family isn’t perfect. I’ve had so many people reach out to me expressing how they love the direction i’m going and things i’m doing.

“I don’t have a huge audience but if i could empower 1 young person a year it will be worth it.”

RLR: Who is your favorite artist and why?

MS: Beyonce and Frank Ocean (cliche I know) but, it’s more than just the music that inspires me. Frank Ocean created the most sexually abstract album that promotes the entire LGBT+ community, he created a Magazine, minimal features, he’s constantly MIA. Frank Ocean Is a lyric and creative genius and makes amazing music (that i’m a huge fan of).

I’m constantly inspires by frank because of his image and the way he creates what he wants on his time. He never rushes anything he truly lets the work develop before publishing anything.

Beyonce inspires me because she’s involved in everything. When you see her perform she performing. When you see her singing she’s singing. When you see her doing something she was clearly the creative director behind it. She is a hard working boss I look up to in many explainable ways.

Lastly, Willow Smith inspires me because of how much of herself she is. I find so much inspiration in her recent album Ardipithecus has done so much for me artistically. I can’t really describe how she makes me feel when I hear or see her work. But I do know simply she’s young, wild, and free. Something I want people to see in my work and myself as an artist. Just like Beyonce and Frank Ocean, Willow Smith creates for Willow smith but shares it with the world

I look for inspiration in these two so much, I wake up to them, sleep to them, and cry to them.



RLR: What’s your favorite piece of art and why?

MS: Lemonade the movie because it visually encompasses the kind of work I’d like to create with my poetry, choreography, fashion, etc.

RLR: Favorite quote?

MS: “That’s what art is, shocking people, sometimes shocking yourself”- Willow Smith

When I read this quote, that’s actually when I first began to take art seriously. I was inspired and from that moment on, I wanted evolve my work; continue to create art and express myself in fun and unique ways.

“I want to shock myself. Shock others.

Continue to push the envelope,

that’s what art is about.”

RLR: What is one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced as a young creative?

MS: One of my biggest challenges is letting the little things get to me. I run into these bumps in life as many of us do, but,but, when those things happen, I put my energy into making something.

“Some of my best work is Actually done when I’m being challenged by life.”

RLR: What advice would you give other young artists/entrepreneurs?

MS: Don’t stop creating. It may not cost you anything, may not bring any income but art isn’t about money. Art is about passion, Art is about passion, Art is about you and that’s all that truly matters.


Connect with Marcus:  

@saintstyles IG // Marcus Styles Creative Facebook

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