I’ll Forever Make You Proud


Grandpa Andy,

I love you infinitely more than all the stars that shine.

I love you more than the countless words I’ve ever written. 

My love for you runs deeper than the generation between us and stretches far beyond the distance that separates our hugs.

Thank you for sharing your radiant smile with the world; for blessing us with your genuine, unforgettable childlike charm. 

Thank you for all your hard work and pure selflessness.

Thank you for helping me discover my true passion for writing, my deep desire to love and my ever-growing, larger than life imagination. 

My dreams will never be too big. My accomplishments; limitless, because of you. 

I am who I am, because of you. 

I’m extremely thankful and proud of this and my greatest hope is that I continue to forever make you proud. 

Love always, 


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