Rare Rel Rant. For Good Reason.

Do you ever feel like just sharing your story and passions with someone ignites and re-energizes the life within them?

I do, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say what’s on my heart:

Some people look at me and think I’m simply a young and privileged white woman that wants to change the world.

I do want to change the world.

I’m passionate about closing the achievement gap and inspiring inner city youth to dream bigger, set goals and live their lives to their full potential.

But, let me tell you,

I am far from a privileged young white girl.

I’m of color. I earned my full tuition college scholarship. I study and work hard to discover and become involved in what’s happening in the lives of young people in our communities.

I keep up on school and community initiatives that are helping create the positive changes we want to see.

I believe more can and needs to be done to inspire youth both in and outside of the classroom.

And, well, I want (and am grabbing) a piece of it.

I’ll continue to discover and hold tight onto the parts where I can make the most positive and impactful difference.

I want to leave a legacy, inspire and motivate others to live out their passions –and most importantly, give back in ways that are most meaningful and fulfilling to them.

What issues and topics are you most passionate about?

I encourage you to share your story and take action to live out your dreams OUT LOUD.

That is exactly what I did today. I shared my story with my Lyft driver, of all people, and I’ve never felt more alive.  I have long decided I will NEVER STOP sharing my story and my hopes and dreams for Run Like REL. 


I am more fired up than ever because YOU believe in me and my dream to change the world.

And, well, I believe and support YOU 110% in your journey to discovering and accomplishing your goals. Let me know how I can help!


#NeverGiveUp #StartWithADream #ChaseAfterIt #RunWithIt #HoldFastToYourDreams #RunLikeREL

Hold Fast To Your Dreams, 


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