Running More BOLDLY Than Ever; Together

It’s been a pressing dream of ours for the past year or so…

One that’s been bubbling above the surface level of our EVERYDAY THOUGHTS and DAILY interactions.

We’ve told countless friends, supporters and mentors about our VISION.

It’s BOLD, scary and 110% WORTH our everyday PURSUITS to make RLR’s dream of GIVING BACK to youth in need more and more of a REALITY today, tomorrow and for many GENERATIONS to come.

That’s why we BELIEVE there’s no better time than NOW to come TOGETHER to INVEST in the FUTURES of our diverse and DESERVING youth in OUR communities.

We couldn’t be more EXCITED or PROUD to announce the launch of:


Run Like REL’s 2016-17 Endowment (Scholarship) Fund Initiative.

Run Like REL’s goal is to raise $10,000 by April 21st, 2017 to start an endowment fund (specifically for academic scholarships) to continue to serve and inspire diverse youth ages 16-22 with amazing aspirations in the Twin Cities.

We feel good about our aspiration to leave a legacy that will continue to pay it forward in order to discover and shine light on the amazing leaders in our communities.


Ready to RUN with us? How YOU can help 

1.) Make your $25 online contribution NOW to RLR’s endowment fund initiative to get us that much closer to our goal!

$10 contribution available

2.) Show us some social media love!  “Like” and follow RLR on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

* Don’t forget to subscribe to RLR’s e-newsletter for all exciting volunteer opportunities and program and event updates.  (There’ll be at least 3 fundraising events over the next year to help us reach our endowment fund initiative goal-so stay tuned!)

3) Rock one of our new and improved official RLR wristbands (great for motivation at the gym and on your runs!) after you make your minimum $10 online donation above or on our donate page.


*To request or sponsor a youth with a wristband, please email with your name and chosen color (blue or magenta) Wristbands currently only available locally.

Thank YOU for continuing to share and help us live out our mission to inspire youth to dream big, set goals and achieve their own definition of success.

Start with a Dream. Chase After it. Run With It.

Now, let’s Cross this FINISH Line TOGETHER!



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