I want to accomplish a lot in my lifetime. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to accomplish all that I want or if my dreams and endeavors I take on are too large.

I DO truly believe that I possess all the strength and power needed within me to change the world.

My dream is to make a positive impact and inspire others to follow their passions; anywhere and everywhere, with no limits-and my hope is that I inspire others to live out their passions and to pay it forward in ways that are most meaningful to them.

If you deeply desire something bad enough, you will do everything in your heart and everyday life to make it happen.

Here’s to inspiring others; to encouraging, uniting and strengthening our youth, families and communities to live better, healthier and happier lives.

Here’s to Run Like REL making a difference and impact; to helping close the achievement gap and honoring and celebrating the successes of our young people. Here’s to leaving a legacy and scholarship fund for those who need and deserve it most.

#LiveAndShareYourPassion #AspiretoInspire #Purpose #NelsonMandela #StartWithADream #ChaseAfterIt #RunWIthIt #HoldFastToYourDreams #RunLikeREL


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