90 Seconds, GO! 

To all my RLR friends and supporters, I will be submitting a 90 second video of myself summarizing my pitch below in the next few days for a entrepreneurial based scholarship.

Please let me know your thoughts-I could use some constructive feedback! All advice and suggestions are much appreciated! 

Here is the link providing the scholarship details below: 


Hey everyone, my name is Ariel and I am president and founder of Run Like REL.

RLR first started in 2011 as an inspirational blog to inspire and motivate others to set bold goals and cross marathon finish lines. My dream still today is to qualify and finish the Boston marathon within the next 5 years. 

My mission for my Run Like REL nonprofit efforts is to inspire young adults to dream big, set goals and ultimately achieve their own definition of success. 

Through collaborative and community driven programming, our efforts work to close the achievement gap among diverse inner city youth in the twin cities. 

We provide the necessary tools and resources for youth to best discover, define and go after their passions; helping them create individualized action plans and take strides towards accomplishing their dreams; which, for them, will be their finish line. 

Our unique and inclusive outreach will grant youth access to educational and meaningful events in their own neighborhoods, parks, community centers as well as on their social media avenues. 

I envision Run Like REL providing a safe and nonjudgmental environment where youth are given the opportunity to thrive and are encouraged and professionally coached to pursue and accomplish both their long and short term academic, career and healthy lifestyle goals. 

Hold fast to your dreams, 


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