Fearless February

Before the beginning of the year, remember telling yourself that 2016 was going to be YOUR year?

I vividly remember my heart rate rising as butterfies fluttered wildly in the pit of my stomach after scanning a text New Year’s Day from a good friend that read, “This is the year of Rel.”


It’s not that I wasn’t excited about the new beginnings, possibilities and blessings of a new year, but I must admit I was scared and anxious.

I actually began to put negative thoughts in my head about how this year could never top the last and I couldn’t possibly be able to achieve even half of what I did in 2015.


Well, if you know me, you know those negative thoughts were soon banished by my stubborn ability to never lose sight of my many true and very much alive everyday inspirations.

This year is all about being BOLD; or simply bolder. I want to try and conquer new challenges; step out of my comfort zone and do hard, often uncomfortable things to challenge my mind, body and soul. If not this month or this year, then when? Starting is often the most challenging part.

I started 6:30 a.m spin class at the Y(so hard, but so good!), committed to polar plunging and running (and training for) the Ragnar Relay and TCM again this year… ask me what I can’t do.


I challenge you to cross finish lines with me and many others this year.

What are your goals, ambitions and passions you’d like to further pursue and tackle this month?

I know for me, my intention is to never stop setting goals and asking myself the tough questions that I know will help me finish strong in any and every life race I sign up or don’t volunteringly sign up for.

Here is to a fearless February and beyond!

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