Dreams became Rel(ality) in 2015 

Here are some of my most cherished memories and milestones this year;  thanks for a wonderful 2015; I’m excited to work hard, inspire and continue to spread my love for my many passions in 2016.

Stay tuned-so many exciting things to come!

1. Beautifully crafted 20 dream boards with an immense amount of love this year! Set goals and put my visions and greatest passions on paper. Excited to do much more goal setting and action planning in 2016- the possibilities are limitless!

2. Twin Cities Marathon! Officially crossed the finish line of my 5th marathon while raising over $1,000 for Bolder Options- TCM next year, anyone?

3. Fully organized and executed a fun and successful 3 on 3 Basketball tournament for charity. It was so amazing especially for my first one, can’t wait until next year’s tournament! #BeBoldAndBall

4. Hosted my first Run Like REL Dream board workshop. So many amazing people made this dream come to life for me- thank you, it really was a dream come true!

5. Led the amazing Dream Careers career team this summer in L.A. to excellently execute 8+ career workshops.

6. Started my own running club, Run with REL in L.A. Last summer and ran over 500 miles during my 2 month experience– I miss my tuning crew and all my dreamers all over the world, thank you all for inspiring me to dream bigger and chase after my passions. Shout outs to Ramih and Bob for getting up with me at 6 am-you guys rock!

7. Collaborated with an amazing friend and dreamer, Jessica on a blog post that was featured on her amazingly beautiful and inspirational blog, Jdreamology, interviewed with the awesome, Clayton on my first podcast on The 20 Something Advantage and was featured in an amazing short video so professionally and creatively put together by J.Lo to start my Run Like REL YouTube channel off in style!

8. Met some of the most amazing people/leaders/mentors. Special shout-outs to Darrell Thompson, Kari Davis and Sandi Williams from Bolder Options for all you have done for me and RLR this year, I will be forever thankful for you all and the incredibly inspiring and impactful work you do.

9.Run Like REL took some big strides this year- and it’s only the beginning! We discovered and fine-tuned our mission and vision, gave away over 250 RLR wristbands, launched our official website, logo, organized our first event, reached new heights with our community and social media/blog outreach.

10.  Raised significant funds/donations and awareness for some amazing Twin Cities nonprofits and organizations including; ThreeSixty Journalism, Second Harvest Heartland, Toys for Tots, Bolder Options, Minneapolis Recreational development, YMCA, Northeast Lions Club, Feed My Starving Children, and Kody’s Closet.

11. Took on the role as Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator at TADS. We have already done some really cool things to give back to our community and I am really blessed to have the opportunity to lead this amazing group in work that I so passionately love!

12. Made so many amazing Connections and learned and discovered a tremendous amount about myself, my passions and my dream. My personal growth and development was really awesome and I am ready to continue my learning and development in all aspects of my life!

I encourage you to make your list of your favorite 2015 moments and accomplishments.

I think it’s important to reflect and celebrate your progress- look how far you have come! 

This will motivate you to better plan, prepare and crush all of your 2016 goals– you got this, you are amazing!

Can’t wait to cross many more finish lines with you in 2016! 
Hold fast to your dreams,


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