Mission Statements, Elevator Pitches and Bright Gold Sparkles of Pure Passion. 

Take Time To Think (Really Think)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning lately. 

A lot of planning for youth, the community and our future. 

I have been meeting and brainstorming with amazing leaders on how we can better all the above both now and in the future-together; one year, month, week, day, hour and minute at a time. 

Tuesday’s Tough Question

When people ask me what Run Like REL (RLR) is, I tell them I envision it being much more than a inspirational movement and a collaborative community engagement undertaking in the Twin Cities. 

I am molding my entire entrepreneurial platform to create my lifelong dream of RLR becoming a youth nonprofit, online lifestyle store and running consulting business for everyone, everywhere. 

I love inspiring others to set and crush goals and cross finish lines in all of life’s many races. 

Stay Tuned Every Tuesday (And Every Other Day Too!)

So many amazing plans in the works, “My Mission Statement” Workshop, “Lift Your Elevator Pitch, Run Like REL collaborative 5K event and many more fun and impactful events coming your way! 

Get social and stay connected for all Run Like REL program and event news and updates! 

Please email Ariel (Rel) at runlikerel@gmail with any questions, partnership inquiries and/or to subscribe to RLR email communications.


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