Cross Your 2015 Finish Lines First


Yes, the year may be almost over and you,  like many others, may be starting to think about your New Year’ s resolutions and goals you want to accomplish in 2016- but why not set and crush a few more goals now?

Accomplishing some last minute, small, realistic and manageable goals before the start of the new year will leave you feeling even more fired up to crush loftier goals in 2016!  

Let’s get goal setting and successfully cross more finish lines this year before the ball drops! 

Please share your end of the year goal(s) in your comments or email them to; We would love to know what is important to you and feature them in future posts! 

Rel’s top 3 personal goals before 2016

1. Start and finish a new book! (Yes, I am excited to open an actual book; hence the appropriate quote I picked for this post.) I’ve picked “People Over Profits” by Dale Partridge. I am excited after reading reviews and stalking him a bit on social media, he is awesome and his daughter is literally the most adorable human I have maybe ever seen. 

2. Attend will YMCA Cycing classes in their entirety and finish a 5K road race. Yes..and just yes. All heart and leg power! Excited and blessed to have my legs feeling good again, I wouldn’t be a rant passionate runner if I didn’t take full advantage! 

3. Learn and practice as much yoga as Possible (starting now and forever.) I mean who doesn’t wanna be More flexible and less crabby? 

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