Make Me Feel More Alive, Marathon Number 5!

REL’s 2015 Twin Cities Marathon Mile Dedications

I am grateful for the strength and ability to run free and chase after my wildest dreams. I am also equally or if not more fortunate to have the most amazing friends and supporters that believe in me and my crazy ambitions.

It is important that I take the time to thank everyone that has put up with my stubborn and annoying running Rel ideas and habits. Here’s to YOU and another TWIN CITIES MARATHON!



1JAY KAY! TWIN! ALL WE DO IS (T)WIN! You are amazing in every way and I am so thankful and blessed to call you my sister, best friend, better half and my partner in crime. Good luck in the 10-miler this year, you will do awesome, I’ll see you at my FINISH LINE (with flowers and chocolate!)

2. MAMA! I love you so much. You are hilarious and beautiful and I can’t wait to see you and your disposable camera as I run by you haha too darn cute. #PleaseUpgradeNextYear

3. Rachael! One day at a time, you and I are kicking butt and changing the world together! I am so blessed to call you my friend and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Thanks for always being so beautiful, positive and supportive- your bright smile makes me appreciate and love everyday. Can’t wait to do a 5K and some yoga with you!  #Namaste

4. ALBO! LIL AK! BRO! OK, I am done. You are honestly the most annoying and stubborn little brat ever, but I still love you and you think it is funny when you were my running gear. FYI, it’s really not. You are a true BALLER and I am proud of you! Keep being you!

5. COACH! You are seriously put up with so much from me and give me the best advice and encouragement-ALWAYS. Thanks for always answering my questions and still finding time to run fun races with me! You are a huge reason why I love being a runner and helping others with their own running goals.

6. GRANDPA ANDY AND GRANDPA JOE. I have never wanted anything more in the world than to make both of you proud. I could write forever about how much I truly love and deeply admire you both for all you are and all that you have done for me and so many others. You both mean more than the world to me and I will always have you in my heart, especially when I am on my way to accomplishing great things. I always look up around mile 20 for strength because I know Grandpa Joe is watching over me and smiling.


Andrew studies film at Syracuse University

7. GRANDMA GERRY- Thank you for being so kind and caring. You are truly the best and I am so blessed and grateful to have such an amazing and supportive grandma in my life. No words will ever describe how thankful I am for all you have done- I will be thinking of you on race day as I head down Summit Avenue!

8. KIM GOLDEN! MY MAIN CHICK! Thank you for loving me unconditionally everyday, I don’t know how you’ve put up with me by your side for so long, you are a truly strong soul for that. You give the best advice and I really look up to you in so many ways! You give me so much strength and love and I appreciate you so much! We are truly two peas in a pod and belong side by side!

9. MY TADS FAMILY! I love each and every one of you in my own quirky way and I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with everyday. Thanks for your continuous support and for making me feel apart of a family that does amazing work everyday.

10.  HALEZ! The most adorable and toughest chick I know! XOXOXO  to my most loyal and cutest sidekick and bodyguard.

11. DALIA! My girlfrann to the END, I will be thinking of your amazing strength and sassiness to get me through this race! Thank you for always being by my side through the ups and downs, I don’t know what I would do without my DOLLZ! So proud of you and I know we have many more adventures ahead of us- I am excited!

12. AVIVA! I will most def be KRUNK at this point. You are seriously the sunshine of my life. Thank you for being such a positive and loving person. You are an amazing teacher and inspire me to give back and always have fun while doing what I love. I am in love with the fact that I get to call you my friend -I am so lucky to have such an awesome person like you in my life! Can’t wait for so many more amazing memories with you and our crew!

13. ANNA! My beautiful superwoman! You are seriously so amazing and supportive- I can’t even put in words how grateful I am to call you my friend. Thank you for being such a real friend that cares. I am so proud of you and all of your successes and you truly inspire me to keep striving for greatness and to set new goals.


14. ALL DREAM CAREERS STAFF AND ALL THE DREAMERS! No words to describe how you have all changed my life in so many positively amazing ways- I will be thinking of each and every one of you. Keep wearing your wristbands, I am always there with you on your journey to chasing after your dreams. Thank you all for your love and support, you have no idea how much it means to me!

15. CANDYLAND FAMILY(Special shout out to Julie!) You guys are the sweetest and that is why I could never leave you! Thanks for being such a great supporter and always letting me come back to work for such an amazing family!

16. KUE BOO AND RAMO! RAMO! I MISS AND LOVE YOU BOTH! All of us are crazy and fun in our own unique ways and I wouldn’t change our friendship for the world, thank you both for being such  amazing and supportive friends for all these years. So many good times and so many more to come!

17. BOLDER OPTIONS! Especially to Darrell, Sandi and Kari! No words can describe how grateful I am to have you as my life coaches and greatest cheerleaders.. Run Like REL is going to be amazing because you have helped me discover all it is and all that it can be. Thank you for your continuous leadership and for being the best mentors to me in my crazy beautiful journey- we have come so far and this is only the beginning!

18. LANI BOO! Thank you for being YOU! You inspire me to be my best self; everyday! I am so glad we have stayed friends after we met at TADS and I can’t wait for our amazing futures ahead! Keep kicking ass and taking names in law school- girl you frickin ROCK and I mean really mean it! Thanks for always being there for me- you know I always have your back too- friends for life ! Keep being amazing!

19. MANO (AND CUTE BABY AVERY!) You are so beautiful inside and out and Avery is such a beautiful blessing to us all, thank you for allowing me to be apart of his life. You are a great mother and friend and I am excited for our journeys ahead. Keep hustlin’ lil mama, you will go so far and have already come such a long way- so proud of you!

20. DIANE! Auntie! Hopefully you will be able to make it this year, you are my biggest most supportive fan and you put up with my craziness! Thank you for all you do, I would not of been able to pull of the basketball tournament without you! I will be running this entire race for you!


Cameron is a Business major from North Carolina


21. SUEMEE! There really are no words for you chica bonita! I am so happy that we have gotten so close and that I have you in my life, seriously.. what would I do without MY SUEMEE?! I could write ten pages about how amazing you are and how proud I am of you for being YOU. You have accomplished so many great things and had so many amazing successes. You inspire me everyday and I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing supporter and true friend.

22. KATIE! You are an all-star. You win at everything and I am so glad that we are friends and I have gotten to know you better over the past year. You are a true leader and I am so proud of all that you’ve accomplished thus far- I know you will continue to accomplish great things and I will be there to support you 100% always!

23. HLEE! wouldn’t be this crazy without you. You are an amazingly beautiful person inside and out. I truly look up to you in so many ways and I am so glad I get to call you my friend. You are seriously a bad ass professional that goes after what you want- you have done amazing things and inspire me to continue to strive for greatness just like you do! Thanks for the continuous motivation and support!

24.TRISHA D! You are such a strong and beautiful person inside and out- and I truly hope you wake up and believe that every single day- because it is TRUE. Thank you for being a great friend and for having the kindest heart- you have made a difference in so many people’s lives and you will continue to the rest of your life. The future for you is so bright, I NEED SHADES. LOVE YOU!

25. MONSTARS (special shout-outs to Jordan and Sam!) URRGHH you guys are so cool! Thanks for being the positive energy I needed to get me through the tourney and my everyday life- the tournament was so fun and a success because of you guys. Thanks for being such amazing people, friends, co-workers and BALLERS. So many more fun memories to come. Keep being BOLD- and get practicing for next year- REPEAT CHAMPS?!

26. NICK! HOUSEWRIGHT, there is no doubt that there are some days when you believe in my dream more than I do. Your friendship, continuous support and pure generosity is what truly keeps me motivated to continue to inspire others and NEVER GIVE UP. YOU ARE THE BEST and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You will truly never know how much I admire you – you have the kindest heart and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

.2. JAKE! (from State Farm) Thanks for keeping me safe and telling me when to be nice. I know you will continue to put me in check and calm me down when I am overly excited about something ridiculously stupid. I am excited to get to know you better and help you with your running goals in the upcoming year!

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