runlikerelstar As many of you know,  I am leaving for Los Angeles this summer for two months to manage a college internship program.

This opportunity will help me advance my skills and give me more experience; my dream is to work as a college administrator at a private institution while starting up my Run Like REL non-profit efforts. This summer I will have the opportunity to work with college students in their internship and career/networking journeys as they transition form college to their professional fields.

I would love to see you all this Sunday at 1pm at Windom Park NE (by the tennis and basketball courts off of Lowry Ave. and Johnson Street) and find out all the great things you are doing before I jet off on June 16th!

I also thought it would an amazing opportunity to raise funds and jump start my non-profit fundraising efforts in order to help start a Run Like REL fund for future programming/services, events and scholarships. Please help me reach my goal of raising $500 to start my fund before I leave on June 16th!

We will have Jimmy Johns sandwiches, chips, cookies and cake! oh, and of course water.

Outdoor activities include, but are not limited to:

basketball, tennis, frisbee, volleyball, a friendly game of tug of war.

Without the support and encouragement of all of you, I wouldn’t be able to make my dream of making Run Like REL a reality. *A $1- $20 donation is recommended, but not required. Please consider donating any monetary amount(cash or check) if feasible, as this is also a fundraising event. I am so thankful and blessed to have your love and support during this crucial and exciting time! I will see you all there, please bring friends! Please RSVP to REL’S LA send off and Run Like REL fundraiser event here: Also, for more information on Run Like REL efforts, please visit  *To donate to Run Like REL: *Funds will be used for our first programming event this fall and to start the RUN LIKE REL program sustainability account to be used for future programming, services and events. Thank you all for your support,  REL Hold Fast to Your Dreams Start with a Dream. Chase after it. Run With it.

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