Resolution track your Trek

What are your 2015 New Years running resolutions?!

I know an important one of mine is to record my daily mileage in my MDRA running log.

last year I was consistent at writing down every workout/ mile until around April; my goal this year is to record my mileage for the entire year and evaluate the year as I head into road races for 2016.

Should I log my Miles?

Keeping track of your mileage may not be something for you if you are just starting out, but for those of you that like to know your average weekly milage, this is a great way to gage where you are and see if you are in fact increasing your mileage by 5-10% a week or staying consistent, whatever your goal.

If your goal is to run 1-2 miles without stopping, a stop watch may be a better way to track your time/speed progression and fitness goals early on.

I would seriously consider you log your mileage if you plan on running more than 5 road races (any distance) this year and if you want to have a better indication of where you are as far as your overall workout/running routine.

Be as specific as you want

Log your time, distance, workout(easy, hard, tempo, run/walk/jog, intervals, etc.)

This is a log for YOU to track where YOU are in your training. The more you want to evaluate at the end of your week, month, year the more specific you should be.

I know for myself, it is a really cool feeling to track your distance and time over a period of time and be able to not only feel like you have gotten better and stronger but to see your actual progression on paper.

Smart Running, Start logging

Like any start to a new fitness regimen, start with manageable easy mileage and build it up as your body gets back into the swing of things.

Also, don’t forget to warm-up, cool down and STRETCH! All of these are very important in preventing injury and gaining the most benefits from your workout-It’s not always easy or fun to fit these in, but you must make time for them if you want to improve your overall fitness.

Here is a picture of the 2015 MDRA(Minnesota Distance Running Association) Calendar/running log. This is the running log I use because it has an individual space to log your mileage and running time for each day of the year.

This is a great resource for Minnesota runners because it has all of the MDRA sponsored races as well as many other road races around the State to keep you on track and motivated to keep training for your next event.


For more information on MDRA races and memberships, please visit

 Happy running and Logging!

Hold Fast to Your Dreams,


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