Believe and Achieve

Last Friday morning, I went on a 3-4 mile jog down Lowry Avenue to burn off just a few of the millions of calories I had consumed the previous turkey day.

I then did a cool down and headed to the co-op for my daily check-in(obsessed with Eastside!)

Right as I entered the store, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and as I turned around she exclaimed, “Hey! You’re awesome, I saw you on central a little bit ago and honked, you are so brave running out there in the winter, I haven’t gotten myself out of the door yet, it’s so hard to run in the winter!”

After that very sentence left her mouth I was determined.

I was determined to get her to think differently about her running capabilities; to build up her confidence, battle her fears (I wanted to do all of this of course before my 2-3 minute conversation with this stranger came to an end.)

But, I didn’t even need to think about it.

I knew from the moment I started talking that I was inspiring her through my very own excitement.

She could tell how passionate I was about running throughout the seasons, about my upcoming race the next day and even started asking me questions about technique and winter running gear.

She said she had just purchased a winter running headband and that if she was going to do anything next, she was simply and powerfully going to just START.
imageI can only hope I inspired her to change her mindset. I hope I motivated her to do something she normally wouldn’t do; to finally face her fears; to go outside of her comfort zone- where I truly believe we discover great and unimagineable things.

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