REL! Get to writing!

November Noggin 

On my cold evening jog, I got to thinking and asked myself two questions repeatedly (I guess I give myself more time to think on my runs now that I’m without music.)

I first asked myself what I think I need to DO more in my life. It didn’t take me long to scold myself for my laziness in blog writing or purely just my lack of writing this year in general.

I always asked good writers about ways I could improve my craft. I really enjoy writing, but often feel discouraged about continuously undertaking writing project after project. Every single good writer told me to simply WRITE MORE; Write more about anything and everything. Write about things you think are stupid and funny, things that mean the world to you and words you simply may not have the words to speak at a specific moment in time. This, WRITE MORE concept made sense, of course, yet I always found myself with writers block, with an excuse that there was nothing to write about.

Write Like you Run 

Well, I’m not going to get any better at writing if I don’t simply, write more. Just like I won’t won’t improve my 10K time if I don’t take the time to train for a faster 10K. With that in writing, my goal is to do just that. Run and especially write more; write about anything and everything. I know 85% of my writing in my Run Like REL blog will be about or related to running in some way shape or form. And I am okay with that because this blog was ultimately created for me to write about my passion for running and motivate and inspire others to chase after their dreams while I continue to live out my own.

What is one thing you’ve accomplished or hope to accomplish this year?

Well, if you know me even the slightest bit, you know I can’t just come up with one.

I thought to myself, honestly and truly, that if there was one thing I set out to do this year, it would be to have inspired or motivated at least one person to run that extra mile they never thought they could conquer. I hope that that I have inspired at least one person to give back to a person or organization that they truly are passionate about helping. I can only hope I inspired at least one person to continue or start to chase after their dreams and not be afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone. I am so thankful and blessed for all my supporters that believe in my personal and running pursuits. I can only imagine what my accomplishments will be 5; 10 years down the line and I hope that you too have more than just an imagination to wonder this very same question for yourself. I hope you also have a dream and goals binder or notebook that you keep close and write in everyday and you do at least one activity that makes your heart and soul sing, something that gets you that much closer to what you define for yourself as success.

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