Army Strong Soldier Pt. 2


MANO! Thanks for putting up with me during your short but SWEET visit to Minnesota.

It was so great to hear about your life in Korea and all the great things you have planned for your future; we are all SO PROUD OF YOU!

We miss you! We know you will be back this summer to round up more laughs and to bar hop it UP Nordeast as if you never left. Oh and I know I will always have a shopping partner; you also have me addicted to that coconut smoothie you get at Rosedale!

Thanks for spending time with us when you were here, it meant the world.

I will be running miles and beasting races all year long in your honor!

Stay strong girl! You have no idea how much you motivate me to work hard and to keep setting goals and to never settle.

You are lovely and deserve the world. I can’t wait to hear more about your Korean adventures in the Army when you return bcak home to us again.

Also, Can’t wait for our trip to Boston for my marathon in the coming years.


Stay strong soldier, sending love your way from cold MN to Korea (also pretty cold…but not like here!)



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