Freshman year of college. My dream...and race numbers go wherever I go.
Freshman year of college. My dream…and race numbers go wherever I go.

Run Like REL

Start with a dream. Chase after it. Run with it.

Run Like REL is an effort, soon to be a non-profit organization that was created in order to help young adults (ages 18-25) chase and live out their dream.

Ariel (REL) Kendall, a 23-year-old Minneapolis native, started this venture in hopes to inspire other young adults to dream BIG and to never give up on their vision.

Her dream is to run the Boston Marathon before the age of 34. She knows that in order to make her vision a reality, she has to work hard and live out her passion by believing in herself and letting others help her along her journey.

Ariel has many running and career mentors that have helped her fine tune her goals and think more critically and wisely about how she will make her dream of Boston a reality.

My running mentors, fans and supporters are my rock. Without them, my dream would be dead. They motivate me to be the best I can be and tell me what I need to work on and how they can help me get to where I ultimately want to be…the Boston Marathon starting…and FINISH line.

Ariel envisions Run Like REL to be an organization that benefits underprivileged young adults with the motivation and passion to better their lives and live out their dream.

It will be a resource for young adults (18-25) to find resources, motivation and mentors to aid them in executing their dream every step of the way- and to ensure they are on the right path and taking the right steps to carry out their passion and make their dream a success.

The organization will hold annual 5K/10K road races for everyone; from serious runners to walkers who believe in the REL’s mission and want to support the cause.

These races will be a large part of what Run Like REL is about- the community comming together to support others in their pursuit to better themselves, to inspire others and ultimately continue to build healthy, powerful and longlasting relationships.

Run Like REL will also start a scholarship fund in order to recognize and support underprivileged young adults that show initiative and passion to chase and run with their dream.

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