REL’S 26.2 MILE (S)LOW DOWN #undertrained #overlydetermined

REL’s 2012 Twin Cities Marathon Mile Dedications

Many people may think I run just for me. Nope. As much as I love running for my own personal reasons, I run for those who mean the most to me and make me stronger everyday.

I am grateful to be able to run and follow my dreams and I am fortunate to have amazing supporters that believe in me and my crazy ambitions. It is important that I take the time to thank everyone that has put up with my stubborn and annoying runner ways thus far.


I appreciate everyone of you and you are all very important to me and I want you to know that I think of all you great people while I am in agony to help me gain my faith and strength! This is my first and most definitely not my last TC marathon and my goal is to FINISH and have FUN so I can ease into serious training for the winter running season.

Ok, enough of the sap, here are my mile dedications!

1.KAITLIN YODER! We have been great friends for so long and I don’t know what I would do without you! Thanks for all your love and support.

2. MAMA! You are hilarious and beautiful and I can’t wait to see you and your new camera as I run by you haha too darn cute. #upgradfromdisposablelastyear

3.ME! OK, AND BRIANA, BECAUSE WE ARE SOUL SISTERS and I love her! There isn’t a 33rd mile (thank God) and I deserve this. It is still early in the game and hopefully I haven’t passed out yet. #cherishthejourney #embracethemoment

4. DIANE! Auntie! hopefully you will be able to make it, you are my biggest most supportive fan and you put up with my craziness! I will be running this entire race for you!

5.ALBO! LIL AK! You are honestly the most annoying and stubborn little brat ever, but I still love you and you think it is funny when you were my running gear. FYI, it’s really not.

6. COACH!. You are seriously put up with so much from me and give me the best advice and encouragement. I would never of gotten this far without you. You have no idea how much your mentorship means to me! So grateful to have a coach like you!

7. YORD! Slowest, laziest, yet most FUN and luckiest mile! Duh! #justprayformeokay #biggestfanwithfoamfinger

8. JAY K! This is your favorite number and you are legit my favorite sister. #ilookforwardtoyoursign #nofilter #totallyinapprop


9. GRANDPA ANDY! I love and miss you a lot and I will come to visit in the AZ next year! #getyourgolfcartready #minigolfisonlyfunwithgramps

10. AMY HANG! You inspire me everyday to be the nest organizer and person I can be. Plus, you love me bunches and I have no idea why.

11. DALIA! My running girlfriend, I will be thinking of your amazing strength and smile!

12. AVIVA! I will most def be KRUNK at this point. I am so glad you are back in the cities!

13. ANNA! You are seriously so amazing and supportive of my crazy runner mind and you get me and I love you for all that you are.


14. KATRINA AKA KEKE! I can’t wait for us to make volleyball memories together! Oh..and can you please teach me some of your kettlebell moves?

15.TRACY! Run in LON! I miss you and hope you are having a blast in grad school. Skype soon!

16. KUE BOO! I always think of you when I run girl, you motivate me to beast and love, beast and LOVE! ❤ Can’t wait to see your creative sign hahah

17. CYNTHIA! You are amazing duh, you know this because, well look at you and where you are today and our friendship has only gotten stronger since I was your mentor, hahah I love how I did nothing, but got an amazing mentee!

18. FIONA! I miss us and our Flynn days hahah good timez, we are so similar in so many ways and I am lucky to have you to call and talk to when I go cray cray…everyday haha

19. MANO! I am so glad we got close this year and that we had some good memories together being silly. I will miss you but I know their are many more memories of us to come!

20. CHRIS! Please don’t run over anyone with your bike while you are spectating this year. BIG thanks, love everyone that wants to live. haha JK! thanks for all your love and support!



21. SUEMEE! There really are no words for you chica bonita! I am so happy that we have gotten so close and that I have you in my life, seriously.. what would I do without MY SUEMEE?!

22. KRITI! I miss you and never see you yet I still think of your bright and contagious smile and how it has gotten me through my toughest days. I will cherish our friendship forever. You were my first mentee!


23. HLEE! And lynda lol I wouldn’t be this crazy without you. Just know that. Don’t worry, It is a good thing.. I think. YEA! I’ll Vote! If I survive this thing!

24.TRISHA D! I am lucky to have such a hilarious and beautiful friend like you to EAT, SHOP and watch DUMB MOVIES WITH! Oh yeah and you are bomb at Volleyball duH! LOVE YOU CHICA!

25.SASHA AND BETSY- ya’llz cray and a darn cute couple. You are both hella in shape and great motivators!

26. Grandma Gerry- I hope to see you at the finish line, I am so blessed and happy that we have gotten close this year and that you are in MN now so we can create more wonderful memories. #bestever

26.2- HALEZ! She has inspired me to go HAM the last .2 miles because that is pretty much the only distance we run together. #lovemylazycutedog 27th mile- HAHAHAHA…. FOOOD!



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