So what if we crumple our race bibs and stretch out our sore shins…

A dedication to my life long race buddy, DOLLZ.

Thanks for making unforgettable and hilarious race memories with me and for the many more to come. 

I mean, I haven’t converted you… completely. 


Grandma’s 2013 registration is open. 


8.8.2012- First time ever! Together! Back to back races! 10K and 5K!


We act and ache like old women at the age of 23.

We know how to carb load.

Minutes before the race we talk about what we want to eat after we finish.

We hate waking up earlier than we have to and wonder about the people that look professional runners at the starting line.

We drink Caribou coffee any coffe available, although Dalia is a diva.

OUR BEST NEW TRADITION: HUG before the gun/start sound goes off because…I saw two other woman do it yesterday and I wanted to copy them and feel the love.

We run though our pains and tell ourselves the craziest things to ensure that one foot is always moving in front of the other until we cross the finish line.

We complain and beast just to do it over again and again.

Our sweat and smiles are evidence of our perservance and strength.

Crumpling, never crumbling

A: “I have to crumple up my number.

D: “Me too!”

A: “Why do you do it too?”

D: “Because Ariel does it, that’s the only reason”

She knows. haha I think it has to deal with aerodynamics…?

Grateful from the GET GO

I’m just glad I have a friend like Dalia that is just as much as a little firework when it comes to road races.

We are dreamers, believers and have faith in our abilities to accomplish anything we put our minds to.

We are also such GIRLS.

You know, just the kind that stride, sweat, laugh, cry and CRAMP.

I am grateful we have each other to laugh at while we do all that we do!

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