HEY!…This could…I mean WILL happen…for rel!

I really hope my legs DON’T decide to shrivel up and punish me me for all my stubborn milage in five years.

I hope they give me at least 10 15 more good years…I mean, its hard NOT to think how great my life will be when I hit my prime running age…pray I get there!

My last 10K was a nice and LOUD wake-up call.

Since then, thoughts of Boston and sore muscles have filled my mind more than ever before.

Oh, and I can actually feel the soreness.

I just wanna be FAST.

OK, wrong word.


That’s better. Lord knows that I am not a fast runner.

Although, I am NOT a slow runner, I know that I have a lot of work to do in order to accomplish my goals and dreams of becoming a boston marathoner.

Why do I want this so badly?


I really couldn’t tell you.

My answer changes every 10 days.

I just think that being a marathoner is…well, cool.

pretty plain and simple.

A bit boring to many, yes.

I could care less if people think I’m cool, or if long distance is a waste of time.

I just want this so bad for myself.

Running to me is the most amazingly selfish thing I have ever loved and done for myself.

I have no regrets.

SO, these

Thoughts of boston fill my mind constantly, everyday.

I need help. I’m working on being better. Kinda…

I envision myself qualifying within five years and crying the most happiest of tears that I will ever cry in my entire lifetime.

Some people think I am obsessive about running. I think I am just more so intrigued my the fact that I can challenge myself to new limits and not limit myself to any personal best.

I think this mentality can apply to many aspects of life and I am motivated to challenge myself and never give up.

I didn’t get this far to back down.

I will qualify for boston and

I WILL cross the Boston Marathon finish line.

My dream is amazing, know.

No one can stop me now. Not ever.

running drives me.

It makes me feel free.




I hope this post has inspired you to do what you love and to challenge yourself to work hard for what you really want.

This whole Boston Marathon thing is what I want for myself.

but, it is just one thing

out of many.

I will make it happen and make my other dreams come true too, because

no one can stop me; but myself.

But, I won’t let that happen.


NOT slowing down.

Just getting FASTER.

Splits Times
1 Mile 00:08:23.81
2 Mile 00:16:47.63
3 Mile 00:25:11.45
4 Mile 00:33:35.26
5 Mile 00:41:59.08
6 Mile 00:50:22.90
7 Mile 00:58:46.71
8 Mile 01:07:10.53
9 Mile 01:15:34.35
10 Mile 01:23:58.16
11 Mile 01:32:21.98
12 Mile 01:40:45.80
13 Mile 01:49:09.61
14 Mile 01:57:33.43
15 Mile 02:05:57.25
16 Mile 02:14:21.06
17 Mile 02:22:44.88
18 Mile 02:31:08.70
19 Mile 02:39:32.51
20 Mile 02:47:56.33
21 Mile 02:56:20.15
22 Mile 03:04:43.96
23 Mile 03:13:07.78
24 Mile 03:21:31.60
25 Mile 03:29:55.41
26 Mile 03:38:19.23
26.2 Mile 03:39:59.99

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