Cracked-out from Bad CARMA… and Wild TURKEYS?!

“My chiropractors work wonders, Ariel… she does MAGIC.”

Alright, mother…

She couldn’t be more right.

After the car accident on Saturday, I was hoping she could help me get aligned and put back together.

First, she said my shoulders were uneven and that my right foot was longer than my left, then she said something about my head being lopsided.

I am not really sure her exact words; I stop listening after a while as I thought about what a complete wreck I was becoming at the age of 22.

After lying down in her scary looking moving contraption, I must now say

I’m a believer.

She cracked and move things around in my body that have never been moved before.

Yep, I’ll definitely be back Monday.

I feel so refreshed, sore but refreshed. Does my neck look longer to you? (probably just all in my mind…SO!)

Anyways, on my bus ride to the chiropractor, I got off on the wrong stop, ended up getting off way too late and had to walk about a mile… but I finally found it and I was even early too!

Of course, before I even stepped foot into the office, I  had to slip and fall on the ice.

Yep, only me.

My poor knee.


hahaha wow, that looks nothing like a knee, but ’tis is! 😦 (notice cat puke in the background)



So random…but amazing.

I saw three gorgeous HUGE wild turkeys just chillin’

I think two must of been in love because one just seemed angry and kept his/her distance as the other two couldn’t be any closer together.

I legit stopped and smiled in complete happiness to watch them do their thing.


They were just WAGGIN’ on the sidewalk…doing a whole lot of nothing really…and I fell in love!

I decided to walk the rest of the way home, jammin’ to Michelle Branch and Jason Mraz tunes, wondering what would their music would be like if they were married to one another.

I stopped at the Co-op to get some strawberries. Ended up getting salsa and peanut butter because I was most definitely not going to pay six to eight dollars for a small package of strawberries.

I was happy to find out that my gift card held 2.06 left on it instead of the one dollar I thought it had… so that was exciting!

On my walk home with my paper bag of groceries, I made it a full-time job NOT to slip and fall again.

As I was walking down Central Ave. past the auto body shop, a mechanic stopped what he was doing and walked out to me and asked for my number.

I attempted to walk swiftly and tried not to slip as I replied, “It’s OK, I actually don’t have a car..”


And of course I ended up slipping on the ice near my house again…maybe it’s my boots.

Maybe it’s bad CARMA

Nah, it’s probably just me.

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