Nothing but Grateful for her Wise and Rational Soul

Thankful for the moment that could of tragically happened a mili-second later. Grateful for the man that stopped to give medical aid. Thank you to the woman who offered her warm blanket to a complete stranger. Thank you to the doctors who told me what was happening and the police officers that once again reminded me how truly beautiful and unselfish of a woman my aunt is. Most of all grateful to God that no one was taken from us.

shaken up and overwhelmed. Scared and sad. My anger is overpowered by my faith and gratitude for all I have and all that could of easily been taken from me before my eyes in an instant.

I have no phone as of now, my sister will know more details later. I am just happy that my aunt is for the most part OK.

I love her so much.

Please keep my amazing aunt in your prayers.

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