WARNING! nocashfauxfash blog coming soon! Yes, get excited!

My Kue Boo!

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.

-Carrie, Sex in the City

When my good friend Kue asked me to start a blog with her, I was estastic!

Then she told me that she wanted the blog to be about fashion.

She asked me this as I was comfortably rocking my Nike running tights, Asics and long sleeve race shirt.

First off, let me just say Kue has an amazing sense of style. Me?! I try to copy it.

We love putting together great looks and learning about designer fashion trends.

All on a tight BUDGET.

We both love shopping. We also love finding great deals and we never  rarely pay full price for anything! Because…well, a girls gotta EAT.

We are excited to to share our LOVE for friendship and fashion with you all!


We will talk about how we cheapos find great deals on clothes, shoes and accessories and how YOU TOO can get like KUE.

We will include tips, photos and fun finds that we want to show off and share with our adored fans.

Be on the lookout for our first post coming before November ends!

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