What a Difference a Little Splash of Color on the Park Benches Make

I thought I would bother blabbing today because I am feeling inspired.

Inspired after finding a woman spending her Monday morning painting our neighborhood park benches beautiful shades of orange, green and blue.

“I am glad someone is enjoying the park on this beautiful day.”

“Yes, I love to come here and stretch.”

“Cute dog! Enjoy this day, we won’t have many more like it.”

“I know… the sun is shinning!  Thank you!  You too!”

I am feeling inspired after a lunch date with the most beautiful young lady; one of the only women I know with the power to gracefully allow me to release my demons, swallow my pride and dig deep in my soul for realistic yet cultivated meaning (all on the table, all in one afternoon).

I am feeling inspired after letting some things GO and others LINGER in my mind.

Inspired knowing that tonight I will rest. Sleep to dream. Dream to accomplish.

Inspired after listening to Jason Mraz’s voice through my computer and in my peaceful state of mind.

I am feeling inspired after my legs finally decided to give my soreness a break and a run for their money.

Inspired after knowing tomorrow is a new day; an eye-opening opportunity to begin a new race.

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