Confessions of a Cavity Filled Candy Girl

I’m going to TRY to make this post short n’ sweet. Lets call this a sample taste of an ongoing series… I know you kids these days don’t like to read posts consisting of more than 500 words.

Also, this is more or less a confessional. I’m sorry, I’m no Usher, but I do hope that you get a good laugh from some of my random rants and recollections as I recall and reminisce some shift stories as a downtown candy girl.

This one is for Kim. He knows that while I continue to sell delicious specialty sweets, I also multitask as an aspiring journalist, or rather just to become a better, more professional/well-known one of sorts.

Every time Kim stops in, he asks for the story. I always joke and ask, “what story?”

The thing is, for those of you that know me at least somewhat well, know that I always have a story to tell.

Better yet, stories upon stories upon stories, many of which are too long to even start… let alone finish because of the many compiled layers of laughter between my broken sentences.

He wanted me to write about my experiences working as candy girl in Downtown Minneapolis. A place I like to think of as my temporary yet still semi-safe comfort blanket, where lots of dirty things quickly come and go yet so many great people decide they owe it to themselves to stay a while.

As you all can easily imagine, the candy shop is more than just a place to go to satisfy your afternoon candy fix or late night sweet tooth.

It is a place for the young and old, where the five-year olds beg and can never decide and their parents take time to remember the taste of their fond, yet way too short-lived childhood.

It’s a place where I have laughed, cried, joked and even engaged myself intensely in civil discourse.

It’s a place where I know I can always find a friend or non-blood related family member either behind or in front of the counter to exchange smiles with.

“Welcome to the candy shop…”

“I want candy!”

“Shake that Laffy Taffy”

“I wanna lick you like a lollipop”

You can only imagine what other songs of inappropriate kinds people come in singing; asking why we don’t have them playing loud on the speaker system.

All I can tell them is that we TRY to keep it as family friendly as possible.

I always get a kick out of way people come in astonished that we can somehow stand to work in a place that smells so delicious.


ITS LIKE MY PERMANENT PERFUME, of course adding to my already sweet standing essence. :p

I also think it’s quite hilarious that many have instilled in their mind that I either eat everything in the store or completely restrain myself from it.

I’ve been asked how much weight I have gained since working there. That’s always a funny one that I answer in so many great ways.

I’ve been asked how I stay so thin… like I am or something :/ and they assume that I haven’t gained or lost any weight in my six years there.

Let’s just say… my cavities can speak for themselves.

Oh, yes, my dentist loves me : D

I think I’ve consumed enough calories just writing this post.

Coming up:

My obsession with chocolate. Don’t worry, it’s ONLY DARK.



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