A Beautiful Innocent Sigh.

I sigh. You sigh.

But … why exactly, do we sigh?

I sighed three times last week and each time someone asked me, “Why the sigh?”

Does there always have to be a reason?

As I do it again this very moment, I sit and try to think of the many reasons for this interestingly more noticeable breathe of air I take.

When I am tired, I sigh.

When I realize that I was once loved, I sigh.

When Haley runs from me… angerily, I sigh.

Sometimes, when I smile, I sigh because sometimes, they just seem to be the best match in fighting crime.

When I am overwhelmed, I sigh and after I feel a lot better about the space and energy I use in the world.

When I feel defeated, I sigh and realize that it was just a false alarm.

When I am out of shape, I sigh and tell myself to get back on track.

When I have no words (very rare), I sigh.

When all  I want to do is vent to my best friend, but don’t want to hear my own voice, I sigh.

When I want to cry, but don’t want to waste my tears, I sigh.

When I am worried about my other half, I sigh.

When I realize what a scary place the universe can be, I sigh, then

smile because I am blessed to have seen such beautiful innocence.

I often accompany my  SMILE with a BIG sigh knowing that I have great people in my life that make it so worth living.

I sigh because at the end of the day and when I wake up tomorrow to a gorgeous chilly fall morning, I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.

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