Just For Fun, Here’s to Boredom

I should be sleeping but I am annoying myself and taking random quizzes online. Here are some results from one love personality quiz.

I found it to be true to my own beliefs and… ironic. (I’m in LOVE with LOVE) haha so perfect. I’ve said that a couple times within the last year.

Well, just thought I’d share this on my blog so I can look back on it in a year and laugh at myself again.


You may appear to dislike men due to your extreme independence.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. You are domineering and you have a rather nonchalant attitude. Your energetic and once aroused, you will be sexually aggressive.

You like to make noise when you make love and in some ways you are like a wild animal in the bedroom, playful, vibrant and fearless. You like to use your body and are quite athletic both in and out of the sexual arena.

You are a romantic, in love with love. You accept love as ones of life’s little pleasures. You are a free spirit, always looking for a lover, not a father. You are an idealist. You go after whatever you want and you certainly won’t take no for an answer.

You have no trouble attracting men because you are always where the action is.

You do not handle your money well which can cause a problem for the man who falls in love with you. You however are worth every cent that you cost your lover as you can stimulate him in ways that no one else can do.

You will not tolerate being bossed around by your mate. You hate to have your space infringed upon and you can’t stand it if your mate shows up late for a date. You like to be asked for advice and flattery always makes you feel important.

You will never slow down and wait for your lover. It’s keep up or get left behind.

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