I know you like to think your…

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday smelled like the elegant and timeless scent of roses?

Just the sight of women in the streets of downtown with bundles of gorgeous bouquets in their embrace makes me smile and wonder whose home the flowers will soak in at the end of the day.

The BRIGHT faces i’ve seen glow though the very sight of  flowers make life a million times better, even if it is just for the moment, it feels so good to let it soak in the whole week.

I can never live to forget how flowers can make someone feel or how how beautiful they can make you REMEMBER.

A loved grandparent.

A lively life with purpose.

Butterflies; Both in and outside of your stomach.

Passion and determination.

Strength and wisdom.

A lovely thought with a special message.

A bouquet of flowers can often say a lot more than words ever could.

I have received my fair share of beautiful bouquets, in which I believe I was undeserving of…

But I will never take for granted the moments in the garden or the farmers market with my mother as we walked  past the flower stand;  how loved I felt  just by the the sheer essence of the scent.

The most stressful god awful day would still be wonderfully worth it if I got to see just a glimpse of someone receiving life in a single flower or bouquet form.

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