Live with intention

Wow. I haven’t blogged in…way too long!

Anyways… after days and days of inspiration from friends, songs and silly cute little journals, I have found the power and strength to start typing again.

Oh, and this amazing neon pink fingernail polish is also a fun new reason to put my hands to work.

As Beyoncé has been on constant replay, (both in my head and on my itunes) I have had some time to regroup, remember and cherish the important things in life.

It wasn’t a new pair of jeans but a  little girls words of wisdom and strength (and smile) that made last week pass a lot smoother.

One kind word made my summer months of sadness worth it. One small gift from the heart was worth a million smiles and years of thoughtful memories.

It was realizing that what I don’t have or had couldn’t be any better than what I currently am blessed with today.

It was making that first move, step and leap toward the unknown. I am no risk- taker, but I know I need to start taking more chances on things I never imagined were even possible.

Sweet dream or beautiful nightmare, either way I often don’t wanna face reality or believe what is happening in my life, but its time to grow up and face whats looking straight at me. Clearly right through me.

May this be the start of more healing for the planet; harmony with ourselves and each other…

Be your own best friend and have faith. God has your back.

p.s. I am such a GIRL!

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