I Just Wanna Be

I think most of us between the ages of 17-25 can fill in the blank.

I just wanna be successful.

OK, realistically I want and have the potential to become much more.


What really is success?

If I were to ask you for the definition, your words most likely wouldn’t come from the dictionary, but rather in the form of an invitation, allowing me to explore your personal ambitions.

My definition of success if different than yours. My mom’s definition is different than her dad’s definition, which is different today than it was 30 years ago.

Success for me can not be defined, but rather expanded.

Success is a slow but rewarding path to happiness, and the more faith you have the more likely you will keep achieving your goals.

I am going to live, laugh, learn and never forget to love. This is 99% of what my definition of success encompasses.

Lets help, guide and challenge one another to in order get to our personal definitions of success.

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