Lucky To Be In Love With My Best Friend

You’ve got the best of both worlds
You’re the kind of girl who can take down a man
And lift him back up again.

– A Beautiful Mess

This post is dedicated to Jason Mraz. An old friend whom makes too few REAL appearances in my life.

I open my computer today to find out that he will be playing in Minnesota soon. My heart skipped a few beats. Then I started to panic a little. I need to find a way to see him!

I have missed my old friend dearly and only wish that I had the dough to cough up to see him again and show my gratitude. .

A lot of my positive thoughts and perspectives on life and the world has come from his influences. I try to eat raw food like him. hahahahhaa. OK, I said try. I try to be good to the environment and live simply, happily and righteously.

I  love to repeat the words “I’m yours” in my baby’s ears and smile whenever Jason Mraz plays on the radio or in my mind, as he often does.

I like to bust a flow every once in a while…I’m no Ms. A-Z, but I am worth a few good laughs.

I love to share his lyrics and music with the ones I love until their ears bleed of hearing me sing squeak the lyrics of”Coyotes” or “Lucky.”

My sister likes the song “Make it Mine.” I think we both have an agreement that Jason Mraz is someone we have shared together over the past 5 years or so, as we have enjoyed three of his concerts together and they are moments in time that we will truly never forget.

I can not say that there were many other times that I felt that close to my twin  sister than I did at one of his concerts; we hugged, smiled and were overjoyed that we were together enjoying Jason Mraz’s great tunes and his good company.

When I think of Mraz, I think of beauty and hard work. Purity and goodness. I think of my boyfriend rushing to the store to pick up the new CD so he could finally share in my never-ending excitement for peace, love and feel good Mraz melodies.

He inspires me not only to love, but to follow my dreams and continue to strengthen my faith in the unknown. He inspires me to be myself and say weird things-and feel good about getting away with him.

He is unique, fearless, badass and lovely, Lucky and grateful. I would love to say I am the same.

I am grateful to him and all he has done.

I think I will end with my hopes and dreams to see him again someday.

Oh, and before I put this post to rest, I just want to set the record straight; I liked Jason Mraz before my sister ever did-but I also would like to say we share the passion for his great music and easy flowing style.

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Takin’ it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously

-Live High

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