The Space I Take Up

Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth.
~Muhammad Ali

I think know I want to make the world a more beautiful place. I want to make the grass greener, the flowers bloom more livelier and attract the butterflies and bees for just a little while longer.

I am going to start my dream by helping my mom with her garden;picking weeds, planting a honey crisp apple tree, mowing the lawn, watering the thirsty plants, etc.

And I will be doing all this while dreaming of MY future, the future and the ones I love.

Of course, this dream encompasses having a garden of my own, complete with a fountain and a walking stone path leading to a beautiful hardwood deck.

OK, a girl can dream…BIG.

Believe me.

I was looking at homes for sale in the paper today.

yes, like I said I like to dream big.

I went on a bike ride and sorted out all my bills and debt in my head that will most likely exist for my entire lifetime.

I looked around for cars that I might see myself driving and the activities in the park that I hope to do with my own children someday.

Today is a beautiful day to dream. It is also a perfect day to take steps toward them, whatever that may be.

Today lets do service. Lets serve in any way that we possibly can.

Love to serve, as we often serve because we love.

Lets be selfish, but not too selfish.

Take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.

I think my dog deserves a walk. 🙂

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