When: Anytime between Friday, Oct. 9th- Sunday 18th, 2020. You can run or walk it on your own, with a friend or with your small crew (social distancing is encouraged!)

Where: Anywhere in the world that motivates you to get your 3.1 miles in! #WeGotThis

Why: Rel (RLR) & Tricia (EmpoweredU) wanted to collaborate to create a positive and encouraging community to help you reach your wellness goals (especially during this challenging time) while giving back and creating awareness about The Sheridan Story’s amazing work and mission.

Registration Cost: $20 (Recommended fee per family household) *Please do not let the price discourage you from signing up; if you’re unable to pay the fee at this time, please submit your registration form free of charge and consider making a $1-5 donation to The Sheridan story.

Give Back: *Optional suggested $5-10 Donation to nonprofit The Sheridan Story (Local Twin Cities nonprofit working to fight childhood hunger)


About Run Like REL: RLR started as a small community youth organization with a mission to inspire young people to achieve their goals via community events and workshops. Now, RLR’s focus is to collaborate with other community programs and stakeholders to do good while building awareness and funds for RLR’s higher education grant foundation.

Follow RLR on Facebook & Instagram for more positive motivation to reach your goals.

About EmpoweredU: As a wellness coach, Tricia is here to teach you the importance of health and nutrition and empower you to use that knowledge to love your unique journey.

Follow EmpoweredU on Facebook & Instagram for wellness tips and continuous encouragement.

Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to crushing your goals with you! 

After you sign up, please make sure to check your email, Facebook and Instagram throughout the next few weeks leading up to the 5K for wellness/training tips and motivation- we’ll be cheering you on to the finish line wherever you are!


Rel & Tricia

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